Kamal Bhandal, VP, Global Brand & Consumer Experience, joined Align Technology in 2013 and shares her vision on the importance of nurturing talent in today’s competitive professional world.    

Abhishek Ganguly, Vice President GP Channel of Core Europe joined Align Technology in May 2015 and shares his knowledge on the GP business, needs and strategy of the core European market.   

"Working at Align means being a part of something meaningful and exciting!" - Onions

Jennifer Olson, Senior Vice President, Customer Success, joined Align Technology in 2002. Over the last 15 years, her role and career path evolved and she shares her vision on internal mobility.   

Emory Wright, Senior Vice President Global Operations, joined Align Technology in 2000 and has been at the forefront of our manufacturing expansion.    

 "I‘ve worked at Align for 14 years, starting as a technician so I feel as if I’ve grown up here." - Giovanna

Stuart Hockridge, Senior Vice President Global Human Resources, joined Align Technology in May 2016 and shares his experience with the people and environment of Align today.    

 "I personally believe in the power of a smile and that a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear." - Mar

  "Our customers can see the value of the product we create and every effort we make to positively impact the customer experience." - Frederick

 "By forward thinking, we support our customer from beginning to end, ensuring better outcomes and experiences." - Kerri   

Yuval Shaked, VP & Managing Director iTero, joined Align Technology in June 2017 and shares his personal story of adapting to a new leadership role in a new company.   

 "I thought the training program at Align Technology would be no different from any other. I have discovered that it is just as innovative as Align’s products." - Ben 

 "As a member of the Sales Development program, my consistent task is development." - Pat 

  "Align offers the opportunity for growth, while challenging you to become the best at what you do."  
- Becky 

A passion for desert tranquility and a love for applied mathematics and programming? You really can have both.  

    "I am responsible for our Indirect Strategic Sourcing group,  a small but growing team within the Align supply chain." - Fabian  

In China, a tea-loving orthodontist left his practice and found success advising Invisalign doctors on treatment plans for patients.

 "As a Customer Experience Manager, I continually focus on improving our customers’ overall experience with Align." - Dennis

Singing on the job? That’s right! Rob has had some incredibly unique opportunities while working with Align.    

Going the extra mile at work and for animals in need.

In gaming and accounting, teamwork is a winning combination for Ken.

Whether it’s moving to a city sight-unseen, finishing a running event or branding a new product, Rachel loves to find success in new challenges.   

Today he has a PhD in Computer Science, but Manlio says, “I never touched a computer until I was eighteen years old.”