Associate Manager, Clinical Support, China

In China, a tea-loving orthodontist left his practice and found success advising Invisalign doctors on treatment plans for patients.  

Teddy was born in China’s Guizhou province and moved to Chengdu in 2008 to go to the West China School of Stomatology at Sichuan University. With a Master’s degree in orthodontics, he started his career as orthodontist in a clinic. “During an Invisalign Forum, I realized there is such a bright future for Invisalign treatment. I applied for a job and left the practice”. Teddy explains that this was a very difficult decision to make, as the working environment was completely different. While it was a major change for Teddy to switch and adapt from a practice to a corporate environment, he’s happy with his decision to move to Align. “The best thing about my job is educating doctors about how to use Invisalign clear aligners. I truly believe that our training provides a deeper understanding of our brand and our products, which allows them to provide better treatments to patients”.    

Teddy’s role involves handling clinical-related issues, internal and externally in China. He is also responsible for training doctors. He teaches doctors how to treat patients with Invisalign clear aligners and how to communicate with Align’s CAD Designers. He is also taking care of internal trainings for his colleagues. He works closely with several departments including Clinical, Marketing and Sales.    

In his personal life, Teddy is a connoisseur of tea and is involved in cultural traditions centered around appreciation for tea. Teddy’s hometown in Guizhou is rich in green tea. Teddy grew up with tea and drinks at least one cup every day. “I love how the taste changes, at first a bit bitter and then it tastes sweet”. In China, many people see tea drinking as a social activity- sharing time with friends and having the opportunity to share happiness as well as sorrow. “Tea ceremonies are also common, but I prefer to keep it simple. I feel the atmosphere is more important than the actual ritual”. Reflecting on his love for tea, Teddy laughs and describes how his friends always say he’s full of energy during the day but during evenings they compare him to antiquities, because he enjoys drinking tea and reading books.     

Since the publishing of this article, Teddy has moved to a new position within Align. Today, he is Manager, Clinical Education.

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