Director, Professional Marketing, APAC

Whether it’s moving to a city sight-unseen, finishing a running event or branding a new product, Rachel loves to find success in new challenges.  

Rachel has moved several times in her career journey between Japan and Australia and has extensive experience in both pharma and medical device industries. “I already knew some people at Align, and when this career opportunity came, I thought – this is perfect”. Rachel’s decision to move to Align wasn’t just a career move. She decided to live in a city that she had never even visited. “I experienced culture shock in Japan but I knew I would be okay in Europe. You never hear anything bad about Amsterdam, and I was convinced that making my next move there was the right thing for me”. Rachel had settled in, bought a bike and made good friends. In 2020, Rachel moved from Amsterdam to China. Today, Rachel is Director, Professional Marketing, GP Channel, APAC.  

Since joining Align, Rachel has learned: “You need to be willing to fail. If you are used to an environment where you have a lot more time to perfect things, you will need to learn how to adjust”. Additionally, you’ll constantly need to keep learning on the job. Certain projects force you to learn because you need to become an expert. “It’s such a fast paced and growing company, a great environment for career growth”.    

Outside of the office, Rachel loves running, yoga and crossfit. She started running when she was in university and still goes for a run every week. “The best thing about running is that you can do it anywhere, even when you’re on a business trip”. She is the type of runner that goes out no matter the weather. “In Japan I was part of a running club – we would even run in the snow”. Rachel ran 8km as part of the Amsterdam marathon together with other Align employees. She worked on the planning to organize the run and get Align employees involved as well. “I’m happy with my run. I enjoyed the support of colleagues and the crowd. I will definitely train properly for the next one and we’ll start recruiting for more Align participants for sure”.    

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