Accountant, ANZ

In Gaming and Accounting, Teamwork is a Winning Combination for Ken. 

Originally from Malaysia, Ken is an Accountant for Australia and New Zealand. In addition to managing accounting functions, he is also involved in procedure and system improvements to increase efficiency in the business and streamline accounting processes. “I enjoy the Business Partner aspect of my job, where I work together with other departments like HR and Marketing to discuss cost analysis and budgeting”. Ken didn’t have this opportunity in previous jobs, having worked in companies where departments and jobs were more segmented. When Ken found the posting at Align, he immediately applied. His current manager made quite an impact during his interview process―“When my manager explained his way of working, I was thrilled knowing that I share his vision for what a working environment should be”.    

When he joined Align, Ken was singularly focused on learning the job; however, Align has a collaborative work environment. “Today, my colleagues, or some I would refer to as friends, often tell me I talk too much,” said Ken laughing.    

During his time at university, Ken was a video game enthusiast, and was once proclaimed #1 Rogue in Oceanic in the online game World of Warcraft. “I had a YouTube channel where I shared gameplay videos for the gaming community, so they could improve their skills and understand the game better”, explained Ken. In addition to his accomplishments in World of Warcraft, Ken also finished #20 in his favorite video game, FIFA 17 ‘Rest of the World’ leaderboards.     

“I believe all sports, including electronic sports, bring people together. Playing as well as working on a team gives me more satisfaction because of the interaction with others.”    

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