General Manager Turkey

Going the Extra Mile at Work and for Animals in Need.  

Evren joined Align Technology as Country Manager for Turkey in April 2018. He has worked in similar size companies before but “starting up the business in Turkey for Align has been a completely different experience”. Evren found that he has the opportunity to make his own decisions even if they are different from what Align has done in other locations. “There is a huge opportunity. Every market is different and we need to localize our global strategy”. Today, he is the General Manager for Turkey at Align.

Evren describes the size of Align as a global giant, but the mentality and spirit is very different: “Align feels likes its very young and in a development stage. The company is eager to do different things but also open to learning. It’s an ambitious company that gives employees positive motivation to move forward and empowers its people to be agile. What is not changing is the change itself”. Evren has experience working in the medical device industry and learned more about Align while conducting market research. He always thought Align would be an interesting company to work for, but it took a few years before Align launched direct Sales in Turkey and the right job opportunity came along.    

One unique aspect of Evren’s role is that he has the opportunity to influence company culture in Turkey as the organization grows. Evren’s colleagues describe him as an ambitious, positive thinker who always asks, “Why?” On the other hand, his family describes him as less serious as they have watched his passion for his career at Align grow. “I’m willing to go that extra mile as I really want Align to be successful”.    

On a personal note, Evren is a true animal lover. He is a volunteer for animal rights and helps stray animals wherever he can. “I carry extra dog and cat food in my trunk. Whenever I come across an animal in need I like to help them”. Evren explains there are different needs in different times. Some days he goes to the shelter to feed animals, and he personally supports animal rights efforts. He also uses his network to help find adoptive families for animals that are brought to shelters.    

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