Kamal Bhandal, VP, Global Brand & Consumer Experience, joined Align Technology in 2013 and shares her vision on the importance of nurturing talent in today’s competitive professional world.   

Emory Wright, Senior Vice President Global Operations, joined Align Technology in 2000 and has been at the forefront of our manufacturing expansion.   

Yuval Shaked, SVP & Managing Director iTero, joined Align Technology in June 2017 and shares his personal story of adapting to a new leadership role in a new company.   

Jennifer Olson, Senior Vice President, Customer Success, joined Align Technology in 2002. Over the last 15 years, her role and career path evolved and she shares her vision on internal mobility.   

Stuart Hockridge, Senior Vice President Global Human Resources, joined Align Technology in May 2016 and shares his experience with the people and environment of Align today.    

Abhishek Ganguly, Vice President GP Channel of Core Europe joined Align Technology in May 2015 and shares his knowledge on the GP business, needs and strategy of the core European market.