"Our customers can see the value of the product we create and every effort we make to positively impact the customer experience." - Frederick

 "I personally believe in the power of a smile and that a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear." - Mar

"Working at Align means being a part of something meaningful and exciting!" - Onions

 "I‘ve worked at Align for 14 years, starting as a technician so I feel as if I’ve grown up here." - Giovanna 

  "I thought the training program at Align Technology would be no different from any other. I have discovered that it is just as innovative as Align’s products." - Ben  

  "As a member of the Sales Development program, my consistent task is development." - Pat  

  "I am responsible for our Indirect Strategic Sourcing group,  a small but growing team within the Align supply chain." - Fabian

 "Align offers the opportunity for growth, while challenging you to become the best at what you do."  
- Becky

 "As a Customer Experience Manager, I continually focus on improving our customers’ overall experience with Align." - Dennis