Fellow, Platform Architecture, Israel

A passion for desert tranquility and a love for applied mathematics and programming? You really can have both.  

Since Adi has joined Align in 2002, he has seen tremendous transformation both within Align and in the industry. Adi has a background in applied mathematics and has loved programming since he was around twelve years old. This is a powerful combination, and he used these skills to specialize in 3D programming. It sounds strange now, but Adi learned about Cadent (acquired by Align in 2011) through a job ad in a newspaper in 2002. Back then, he only had seventeen colleagues.    

Now, he has over 10,000 colleagues around the globe. Adi describes Align’s acquisition of Cadent as a great benefit for Align, Cadent, customers and patients. “It’s amazing to see Align grow, to see improvements in workflows and benefits for our customers and patients”. Adi decided that after doing mathematics for fifteen years at Align and having experienced the growth of the iTero business, it was time for a change.    

Today, Adi is responsible for software architecture at Align. On a daily basis, he’s working on distributed systems, with diverse inquiries like opening a treatment planning facility in a new location, exploring data flows and looking at the ways we store data. “This role has pulled me into a whole new world of software engineering”. Adi explains that every few years, he feels like he needs a new challenge. To him, this means that change now and then is a good thing and so far he has been satisfied with the opportunities that have come along to further develop professionally. “This is my main reason for staying with Align”, states Adi.   

One of Adi’s favorite things to do outside work is to travel to the desert. The southern half of Israel is desert and it’s a great getaway. Sometimes Adi follows a guided meditation class. “When the guide says I should imagine a place where I’m happy, which is perfect, the only place that comes to my mind is the desert”. Adi describes the desert as a peaceful place, where it’s quiet and you can feel the emptiness.    

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